What We Do 


Support for Gender equity and Empowerment To achieve development in a sustainable manner, CIHP promotes gender equity and empowerment of women. In line with the millennium…  Read more
Health systems strengthening   CIHP provides support to the Governments of Nigeria (local, state and federal levels), private sector , community- and faith-based organisations to strengthen…  Read more



Integrated High Quality Comprehensive Anti-Retroviral Therapy (Art) Services   CIHP employs a family centered approach in the provision of care and treatment to PLWH, with emphasis on retention in care, engagement and support of patients….  Read more
Reproductive Health (RH) Services     CIHP provides an enhanced package of Maternal & Child Health(MCH) services to HIV positive pregnant women through integration of reproductive health into all….  Read more



TB, Malaria and other Communicable Diseases Prevention Through partnerships, CIHP continues to combat malaria by accelerating malaria prevention and treatment efforts, building national, state, and local capacities….  Read more
Community Networking   CIHP is dedicated to improving quality of life in the communities by ensuring that community members achieve high standards of health by supporting the provision….  Read more


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